Restaurant Varmá
Earth Cooking · Local Ingredients · Delicious Meals
Born of chefs with a passion for their culinary heritage, Varmá Restaurant brings its diners delicious meals based on the ideals of Slow Cooking, including a reliance on local, seasonal ingredients and foraged herbs to create fresh, flavorsome dishes in a way that reflects the legacy of Icelandic cooking.

Cooked by the Earth
Varmá is one of only a handful of kitchens that preserves the practice of Icelandic geothermal cooking, where dishes are actually prepared in the hot springs. This is not a gimmick, but rather a cooking technique that was developed by the early settlers in the area and honed into a sophisticated cooking method over the generations. The resulting dishes are characteristically moist and tender with a hint of earthiness—an entirely Icelandic flavor.

A Feast for the Senses
The only thing that might rival the experience on your plate is the view from your table. With windows all around and overhead, the solarium dining room is designed to allow diners to marvel at the spectacular landscape that brought them their meals. Views out over the gorge and river are a welcome dinner companion for a meal that celebrates Icelandic bounty.
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