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Comfort and design come together at Frost & Fire Boutique Hotel, where every room has been thoughtfully appointed with an eye to Nordic design and the ability to fully enjoy the majestic views over the Varmá river, surrounding hot springs and Mount Reykjafall in the distance. All rooms, for example, have a private entrance so guests can enjoy the outdoor spa facilities whenever they’d like.
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Boutique hotel in one of South Iceland’s most stunning natural settings — only 30 minutes from Reykjavík.

Geothermal bathing in Iceland’s hot spring capital. Ideal viewing for Northern Lights and stargazing away from city light pollution.
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Restrictions in Iceland

As of August 19, 2020, all travellers to Iceland that enter the country are obligated to go into quarantine, regardless of duration of the intended stay in Iceland or purpose of the visit.  All arriving passengers must then choose between a 14-day quarantine and a double testing procedure along with a quarantine for 4-5 days. Please read about instructions for quarantine for travellers here;

Current restrictions in Iceland are fallowing;

Limit of larger gatherings. 20-person limit of larger gatherings. Children born 2005 or later are not included in this number.

General rule on social distancing. The two-meter social distancing rule between individuals who do not live together apply in all gatherings. This applies to all businesses, workplaces, and public establishments. Where the 2-meter rule cannot be respected masks should be used.

Our team is doing anything we can do minimize infection possibilities, we are fallowing suggestions made by the minister of health department in Iceland. We offer disinfection spray in all common ares such as reception and restaurant. we clean all of our rooms and common areas thoroughly and make sure that everything which is often touched, like doorknobs, phones and TV remotes, is disinfected.

For all information about Iceland's restrictions due to Covid-19 and its affect in Iceland please visit